Investment Principles

The World Gold Council’s
7 Retail Gold Investment Principles

RCNH Financial has been made aware of the World Gold Council’s Retail Gold Investment Principles (‘the Principles’) and determined to recognize that framework. Accordingly we are linking to the Principles [here] and seek as an organization to recognize the Principles in our efforts to exemplify our responsibility as a retail gold investment product provider. This linkage does not constitute an endorsement or an approval by the World Gold Council or an approval of our retail sales activities or conduct.

1. Fairness and integrity

1. Fairness and integrity: A provider must treat customers fairly and act with integrity, from information and service provision through to transaction completion.

Since 1990, the business model here at RCNH is, “Always act in the best interest of the client.” Our precious metals and numismatic experts possess unrivaled technical knowledge that enables our clients to safely and effectively engage in the buying and selling of all forms of precious metals and numismatic coins.

2. Transparency

2. Transparency: A provider must be transparent about prices and key terms and disclose other material information related to product features.

RCNH provides full disclosure and transparency to our clients and financial advisors for all costs associated with precious metals and numismatic transactions. We routinely provide account statements updating the current market liquidation price status of client portfolios.

3. Protection of client assets

3. Protection of client assets: A provider must ensure adequate protection of customers’ gold holdings and other assets including cash held on behalf of customers.

All of our client’s funds are deposited in the RCNH Client Trust Account which is separate from all other business accounts. In addition, our offices are located in the People’s United Bank Building in Milford New Hampshire, where we store inventory and our clients’ possessions in the bank’s vault.

4. Responsible gold sourcing

4. Responsible gold sourcing: A provider must source gold of high integrity from trustworthy suppliers, whilst considering Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria.

At RCNH, we source our precious metals and numismatic products from highly respected industry resources such as U.S. Mint distributors, the Certified Acceptance Corporation, Accredited Precious Metals Dealers and Professional Numismatists Guild members.

5. Regulatory compliance

5. Regulatory compliance: A provider must adhere to all applicable regulations and local laws.

We are affiliated with all major consumer protection organizations within the precious metals and numismatic markets. In addition, RCNH has an in-house compliance officer who routinely monitors business transactions to ensure compliance with all Patriot Act and AML laws and regulations.

6. Commercial prudence

6. Commercial prudence: A provider must not take excessive risks and should be prepared for various eventualities, including a company wind-down.

Our industry recognized executive team at RCNH has safely and successfully guided the firm through numerous market cycles during the company’s 30 plus year history. Our technical abilities, market and product knowledge, and business expertise enable our executive team to effectively and responsibly navigate all business climates.

7. Operational professionalism

7. Operational professionalism: A provider must conduct their business with due skill, care and diligence, and manage key risks.

Many members of the diverse and seasoned team here at RCNH have decades of experience in the precious metals, numismatic and financial services industries. We are well known within those industries for our respective areas of expertise. The diverse and expansive knowledge base of the RCNH team serves to deliver successful outcomes for our clients.