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The RCNH Financial Resource Center provides investors and financial advisors with the necessary forms to implement a precious metals and/or numismatic transaction, as well as a source to review and download a library of marketing materials, research information and analytics. Please contact RCNH Financial at 800-225-7264 with questions on any link option in the resource center.

Research & Marketing Informational Packet

RCNH Financial’s introductory research and marketing packet provides detailed information on RCNH Financial’s history and credentials, descriptions of our products and services, as well as precious metals and numismatic market research and insights.

RCNH Financial Informational Packet

100 Greatest U.S. Coins, 4th Edition

A reprint of the 100 Greatest U.S. Coins, 4th edition was written by Jeff Garrett with contributions from Rare Coins of New Hampshire’s own Chief Numismatist, Warren Mills.

100 Greatest US Coins Cover


The Silver Institute

The global source for information related to the silver industry.

The World Gold Council

Providing insights into the international gold market.


Guidelines for Sending Precious Metals and Numismatic Coins via U.S. Postal Service Registered Mail


Guidelines for Sending


New Account Form to Initiate a Precious Metals & Numismatic Transaction

Simply complete the New Account Form to establish an account with RCNH Financial and to initiate a transaction in precious metals and/or numismatics. The questionnaire section in the New Account Form provides information that allows our tangible asset experts to personalize an investment strategy based upon each investors’ unique characteristics and preferences. Please note, page two of the New Account Form applies to numismatic transactions only and need not be completed for precious metals acquisitions.

New Account Form


Goldstar Trust Company Precious Metals IRA Application Supplement Forms

The following two supplementary forms are necessary to be included with the Goldstar Trust Precious Metals IRA account application.

On page one when purchasing or liquidating precious metals within an IRA account established at Goldstar Trust Company,  please place Rare Coins of New Hampshire in the designated area identified for “Dealer” and Donald W. Dee as the designated “Agent”.  RCNH Financial’s telephone number is 800-225-7264, and the email address is

On page three simply indicate Rare Coins of New Hampshire in the two designated “Dealer” boxes and endorse the form.

Goldstar Trust Precious Metals IRA Investment Direction Form

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